Why Are My Lash Extensions Falling Out?

a young lady with an eyelash loss problem

Eyelash extensions necessitate some attention, and if you ignore them, they will not last as long as you had hoped. If your lashes are falling out too quickly than expected, this article lays out possible reasons for this occurrence.


Here Are 10 Reasons Why Your Lashes Are Falling Out

a girl doing make-up with an eyelash loss problem

Contact with Oils

Keeping oil away from eyelashes is the most important thing you can do to extend the life of your extensions.


It doesn’t matter if it’s natural oil produced by the body or a product used on the face, oils can diminish the longevity of lash extensions and cause them to fall early.


The glue adhesive can break down if you have oily skin, which makes it harder for the extensions to stick.

Natural Lash Shedding

young lady with lash shedding problem

Each time you drop a lash, a new, younger lash grows in its place. Every day, you can expect to lose one or more of your natural eyelash hairs. This is very normal and acceptable.


The lash growth cycle is a natural occurrence that cannot be altered. The lash sheds when its life cycle is complete. Often, numerous lashes reach the last stage at the same time, and they will all shed together.

Lash Application

It’s important to remember that the quality of your eyelash extensions is directly related to the quality of the application.


Make sure the surroundings and your natural lashes are clean before you apply for extensions since this will have a significant impact on how long they stay.

Wearing Mascara

One of the numerous advantages of extensions is that you don’t have to use mascara.


However, if you want to apply mascara, it might weaken the adhesive that holds the extensions in place. Because of that, make sure you just apply it to the center and tip of your lashes.

Rubbing the Extension

woman rubbing her eyelash extension

Excessive rubbing of your eyes or poking at the extension can cause the glue to weaken and the extensions to slip out. This can also result in the loss of your natural lashes.

Lash Adhesive Used

It’s critical that you use precisely the appropriate amount of glue to avoid shortening the life of the extensions or ruining their appearance by applying too little or too much glue.


Do not forget to double-check the expiration date and proper storage of your glue. The shelf life of lash glue is similar to that of most other cosmetics.


Varying glues have different shelf lives, thus it’s important to follow the one specified on the bottle when buying one.

Medications and other skin conditions

It’s possible that your lashes will fall out as a result of the medications you’re taking or a medical condition you’re suffering from.


Natural lash retention, as well as extensions, is usually affected by trichotillomania, alopecia, thyroid problems, and drugs.


Eyelash extensions may not be the ideal option for you if your disease or medication is chronic and something you deal with on a daily basis.


If you are concerned about your eyelash and general hair retention, we recommend consulting a medical practitioner about your circumstances.

women comb with hair loss

Combing Lashes too hard

If you roll your spoolie from the root to the tip, you might snag the bottom of the extension linked to your natural lash, that is why It is best to lightly comb your lashes from the lash’s middle to the tip.

Not air-drying lashes

It’s critical to let your lashes air dry but avoid too much heat. The heat from a blow dryer will warm the base of your lashes, and the high speed of the air combined will cause your lashes to fall out.

Environmental Factors

How your lashes react when extended is also influenced by the environment. The temperature and relative humidity level in your lash room are the two most important factors to consider.


The incorrect temperature can compromise the adhesive bond, causing your lashes to come out early, which is undesirable. Once you’ve had lash extensions applied, it’s a good idea to avoid going into a humid atmosphere right after your session.


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Is It Normal For Eyelash Extensions To Fall Out?

You might be wondering how long fake lashes last. Well, the lighter and finer the extensions are, the longer they will last than the thicker and more bulky lashes. You may opt for the lighter ones if you are worried about falling extensions as they are simpler to support with your eyelashes.

a girl with eyelash loss problem

How To Stop Losing Lash Extensions?

To make your lash extensions last longer, avoid your eye area if you must use heavy night creams. You may also apply an eyelash sealer every morning will keep your lashes in place longer as it acts as insurance to ensure your extensions stay put. Lastly, try to sleep on your back for ultimate eyelash extension aftercare and maintenance.

When Should You Be Concerned?

If you’re losing more extensions than usual on a daily basis, and a large number of extensions that aren’t linked to your natural lashes are shedding and clumping together, it’s best to see your lash specialist.

Consult with an Expert

There are a number of reasons why your lash extensions are falling out, and it’s crucial to understand how to deal with them. It’s also a good idea to book an appointment with your lash specialist so they can help you troubleshoot the issue.

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