Aftercare is critical

Pre-Care Instructions

Your preparation routine before getting any procedures from us is just as important as the procedure itself. Your pre-care routine allows you to get the maximum benefit from your lash extensions and natural lashes.


A lot of your pre-care routine should involve, first and foremost, consulting with and listening to your stylist. As professionals, they are in a better position to tell you what would most likely work for you as an individual against just what you desire. Length, weight, style, and design are individual-specific. What worked for the next person may not necessarily work for you.


In addition, avoid any form of eye makeup. Having makeup-free/clean eyelashes will dramatically increase the life of your eyelash extensions. If you wear contacts, we recommend wearing glasses to your appointment. Contacts must be removed during eyelash extension application.


Honest lash makes use of the best products and lashes there are. However, to get the best results from these products, you must follow our after-care routine. Maximizing the lifespan of your lashes saves you time and money.

Allow time after your installation

Wait for forty-eight hours post-installation before allowing water, steam, saunas, hot tubs, and sweating to come in contact with your eyes.


Virtually nothing should come in close contact with your eye at this point, including your contact lenses. If you wear contacts, please wait before reinserting them and use the least possible contact solution for proper placement.

Avoid waterproof eye makeup

Getting your lashes done at honest lash already eliminates the need for mascara, so you don’t even need it.


Certain ingredients in make-up products can break down the glue’s bond, causing your extensions to fall off prematurely. In addition, the removal of waterproof mascara or eyeliner requires an oil-based solution that can damage your eye extensions, which is why our aftercare kit is highly recommended.

Do not use an eyelash curler on your extensions

Our stylists have already adopted the perfect curl to suit you in applying for your lash extensions. You do not need an extra curl. Using an eyelash curler can permanently damage not only the extensions but your natural eyelashes as well.

Do not pull out your lashes yourself

Please schedule an appointment if you would like to remove your eyelash extensions. Removal outside a professional setting may cause breakage or loss of your natural lashes.

Aftercare Kits

You can purchase our carefully curated after-care products. Using our after-care kit guarantees you quality and compatible products. Honest lash after-care kit will make your honest lash better, shinier, and long-lasting. You can also keep your lashes clean by using our FOAMING LASH BATH.
Also, make sure you come in for a refill every two weeks. Avoid waiting till most of your lash falls off before you act.
In general, poor maintenance reduces the lifespan of your lashes and amounts to a waste of resources.