What Does Your Eyebrow Shape Say About Your Personality?

Your eyebrows are a powerful facial feature that can complement your entire look—only if it comes in perfect shape and fill. It can lift your eyes, highlight features, and contour your face even with less makeup. But did you know that your brows can also reveal your personality? Eyebrows can reflect one’s character, which shows in their distinct elements. Here’s a guide to different brow shapes and what they tell about you.

What is the purpose of eyebrows?

What are eyebrows for? Eyebrows protect your eyes against substances that may run through them. It is a protective barrier against liquids and objects falling down the face, such as water, sweat, chemicals from skin care products, dirt, dust, and loose hair. These are what do eyebrows do for your face for shield and defense. Aside from their natural functions, the eyebrows are one’s way to express certain things. You can move your brows up and down to suggest responses during a conversation or react to situations. Today, brows play an essential role in one’s aesthetics by lifting the eyes and highlighting the shape of the face. The use of makeup often relies on the body of the brows.

What is eyebrow shaping?

eyebrow shape As tiny as they may seem, your brows are essential to look more pleasant and beautiful overall. The best way to achieve your brow’s perfect look is through brow shaping. You can ask your salon specialist what is eyebrow shaping, but we can give you an idea about this process. Eyebrow shaping is the method of looking into the natural shape of your brows, cleaning it up, and shaping it to a style that best works for you. Honest Lashes does perfect eyebrow shaping for all types of brows. If you are looking for a salon for best eyebrow shaping in Austin, Texas, Honest Lashes is your perfect choice.

What does your eyebrow say about you?

Your eyebrows can speak volumes when it comes to your characteristics. There is a meaning behind long and thick ones, which may differ from straight and arched brows. Here are the different types of eyebrows and what it says about you.

Rounded Eyebrows

Rounded Eyebrows Rounded brows maintain a distinctive soft-curved arch that frames the contours of the eyes. This shape makes a face look softer and smoother as it lacks solid curves and lines. Round eyebrow shapes suggest a kind, supportive, optimistic, organized, and clean personality. If you have this, you value other people’s opinions regarding decision-making. You decide on a win-win situation for everyone, which suggests that you are fair and selfless.

Arched / Peaked Eyebrows

Arched or peaked brows feature a distinct, high-angled arch achievable by sparse to thick brows. Not everyone may like arched brows at first. It takes time for you to truly appreciate its beauty and be comfortable wearing it. An arched brow belongs to people who are expressive and communicative regarding emotions. You react abruptly without a logical basis and dive to a conclusion with whatever feeling you have at the moment.

Straight Eyebrows

Straight brows frame the face and draw the eyes inward toward the center of the face. With this shape, you tend to be more logical and rational. You set aside emotions during decision-making and analyze situations from all angles before finding a solution.

Diagonal Eyebrows

Diagonal Eyebrows Diagonal-shaped brows have higher ends than the front end. The slanted look of this brow means you are a quick thinker, which you may regret.

Queen’s Eyebrows

The Queen’s brows are high with a distinct sense of style and beauty. This type of brow links to people with excellent taste. If you have this, you may tend to be a perfectionist and self-critical when it comes to decision-making.

Long Eyebrows

Long eyebrows mean patience among other people that surrounds you. Your friends can rely on you during downtime without letting you feel burdened.

Short Eyebrows

Short Eyebrows Short eyebrows mirror the length of the eyes. If you have a short brow, you can be someone who dislikes drama. You tend to keep your circle of friends tight and small. You may also not be keen to reach out when others deal with problems.

Thick Eyebrows

Aestheticians love thick brows because they fit any face’s shape. Just leaving its thickness as it can still be stylish. People with bushy brows tend to be more confident in one’s self, logical, physically active, and have the potential to be a leader.

Thin Eyebrows

Thin brows usually come from undergoing a different styling process like waxing and tweezing, which resort to such thinness. Thin brows can mean shyness, modesty, and low self-confidence. The good side of this type of shape is that you do not push what you want on other and is not aggressive towards a particular matter. You also tend to seek advice from other people before making decisions.

Tapered Eyebrows

Tapered Eyebrows A tapered brow is one of the trendiest brow styles today. It has a thicker inner brow and a thinner tail. It appears full in front and gradually thins as it reaches the outer end. There is a distinct arch towards the end that adds character. As the brows look fuller and thicker, it also suggests being strong and beautiful, which comes with a sense of power.

S”-Shaped Eyebrows

True to its name, an “S” shape brow forms a horizontal “S” form of the brow, which is achieved by tweezing strategically. Brows in the first row are tweezed alongside the first layer of the end’s top. People with this type of brow are dynamic and adventurous. Do you like any of these types of eyebrows? Honest Lashes can assess your brow and what best works for your face. Call today and make an appointment.

Breaking Down the Different Elements of the Brows

Identifying the perfect shape for your brows involves assessing your brow’s elements—length, width, and thickness. Knowing these gives your brow expert the idea of what style suits you perfectly.
  • Length. The brow’s length has two categories—long and short. Long brows indicate wealth and success, while short ones may suggest limitations and boundaries.
  • Width. Wide brows associate more with masculinity. On the other hand, narrow brows lean on the feminine side with characteristics of being passive.
  • Thickness. A brow’s thickness is parallel to one’s strength. A person with thick brows can be dominant and assertive. Sparser brows suggest humbleness.
  • Distance to the eyes. The distance of the brows to the eyes suggests one’s personality when communicating and perceiving information from other people.
Eyebrows placed high above the eyes are more open and accepting. On the other hand, low brows may look narrow-minded and skeptical.

How to Choose the Right Eyebrow Shape for Your Face?

lash technician beautifies client eyebrows Knowing what brow shape to get depends on several factors. It includes the shape of your face, the thickness of your brows, and the style you are most comfortable with. Determining the right brow shape for you can be a tricky and challenging task. Honest Lash can help you how to find the perfect brow shape through our brow specialists. Book an appointment at any of our Texas locations to discuss the best form for you with our aestheticians.

How to Get the Perfect Brows for Your Personality

Honest Lash offers a myriad of brow and lash services for you. Different services range from brow design waxing, brow lamination, and brow tint, all designed to make the shape of your brows highlight the features of your face. You may also opt to add lash services such as lash fill or lash lift while you have your brows done. Get various discounts and exclusive deals too if you apply as member. Do you want to get the perfect brows? Call Honest Lash today and achieve the perfect eyebrow shape for you.