The Best Eyebrow maintenance and enhancement Services in Texas

Giving your brows the attention they deserve, is a sure-fire way to enhance your beauty. Brow maintenance and enhancement procedures help elevate your best facial features and intensify your natural beauty.


Brow Lamination is, more or less, a semi-permanent soap brow. As an amazing alternative to the more invasive micro-blading, Brow Lamination gives your brows a full, smooth and shiny finish.


Brow lamination takes all your unruly brow hair and smoothes it out while lifting the hair in a more vertical direction. Brow lamination is that one-stop solution to a range of brow problems from thinning to unruliness, gaps, and overplucking.

Brow Tint

Brow tinting involves the application of a semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape and define your brows. It leaves you with the appearance of thicker, more defined brows, intensifying the look of your natural brow.


Henna is a plant-based staining treatment that can be used to cover up any patchiness found on the skin of the brow. It gives your brow the right shape definition. It is also a good alternative for those allergic to dyes or simply not down for chemical dyes.


Our brow specialists help find the perfect volume, arch, and shape for your brow. Paying special attention to details such as the eye structure, our stylists use wax to help create and maintain that perfect arch.

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