Can You Get Lash Extensions Wet?

If you just got your extensions done, then you might be wondering: can lash extensions get wet? Or can you get your face wet with eyelash extensions? This is a common question for people who are new to eyelash extensions.


In this article, we’ll take a look at how long after getting eyelash extensions should you wait before going swimming or showering. We will also talk about things that you should avoid doing during the waiting period.

Can You Get Your Lash Extensions Wet?

Lash extensions are a great way to add instant length and volume to your natural lashes. They’re also a great way to get ready for a special event, like your wedding or prom.


But what about after the big day? Should you wash these delicate extensions? The answer depends on how much you sweat, as well as how well your extensions were applied.


You can get your eyelash extensions wet, but not soaked.


In general, it’s best to avoid getting water trapped underneath your artificial lashes. If there’s too much moisture trapped under them, it can loosen or even fall off of the root of your natural lashes.


It’s also possible for bacteria to build up under the extensions if they’re allowed to stay damp for too long. This can lead to irritation and infection if it goes untreated.


That said, there are some cases where getting wet is okay — provided that you don’t submerge them completely in water or leave them submerged for too long (more than five minutes).

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Things You Need To Watch Out For Your Eyelash Extensions

For those of you who have had your eyelashes done before, you already know that you need to avoid getting them wet for 24 hours after the application.


The reason for this is that the eyelash extensions are still drying and setting in place, so any water can cause them to lift and fall off. However, once they are 100% dry, you can go ahead and start enjoying your new lashes.


There are some things you should watch out for when it comes to your lash extensions though:

Do lash extensions need to be waterproof?

Lash extensions are not waterproof, but they should be.


This is an important distinction because it means that lash extensions can be damaged by being exposed to water or moisture in the air.


This includes sweat and rain, so if you get your lash extensions wet and then go out in the sun or light rain, they may start to fall out.


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How do I keep my lash extensions from getting wet?

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One of the best ways how to shower without wetting eyelash extensions is to use a lash extension sealant. This product is applied along the lash line to prevent water from getting inside.


It’s important to make sure that you’re using an eyelash extension sealant that’s water-resistant, as this will help keep your lashes in place and also protect them from harsh chemicals or products.


Here are some other tips to prevent your lashes from getting wet: 

What Happens If I Get My Eyelash Extensions Wet

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to avoid getting your lash extensions wet. If you do get them wet, they will last for a shorter period of time and be more prone to breakage and infection.


This is because the glue used by most eyelash extension salons is made from a mixture of two ingredients: PVA glue (polyvinyl acetate) and water.


When this mixture dries, it becomes incredibly strong—so much so that some people use it as an alternative to superglue.


However, if any water gets into the mix while it’s still wet or drying (as happens when you wash your face), then this bond breaks down, and since we’re talking about eyelashes here, that can spell disaster.


Make It Last

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It may seem like a hassle to remember not to get your eyelash extensions wet, but think of it this way: you’re investing in a process that will give you gorgeous lashes for weeks.


So, wait 24 hours before getting them wet and then take it easy for the rest of their lifespan. If you can manage all of these tips, then you’ll be able to enjoy your lash extensions well beyond the standard two-week period!